Invisible Limiter


Block Diagram

../_images/block_diagram1.png ../_images/block_diagram2.png

Gain Controls


Input Gain knob controls the gain applied to signal before limiting.

Limit Level knob controls the threshold used in “Limit” block above.

Output Gain knob controls the gain applied to signal before final output.


If you want to use Invisible Limiter as an one-knob limiter, you should operato Input Gain knob.

Bypassing and Unity Gain Monitoring


When Bypass indicator is lighting red, plugin bypasses all processing.

When Unity Gain Monitoring indicator is red, the negative of input gain is added to output gain. Unity gain monitoring helps users to monitor output at the same level of input. Try toggling bypass button after unity gain monitoring enabled.



Channel Mode

Controls how should Invisible Limiter deal channels.


Left and right channels are processed separately.


Middle and side channels are processed separately.


Select the curve shape of time-varying reduction amount. See the figure below to find the shape of each option.



Controls oversampling factor. Higher factor brings cleaner sound and higher CPU load. Setting “1x” means no oversampling.


Controls plugin latency. See Technical Resources for actual value of plugin latency.


Controls the behavior of overlevel protection.


Removes overshoot by adding small amount of reduction.


Removes overshoot by clipping.


Does nothing. This is useful for limiter chaining.



Reduction Meter shows current peak reduction amount. The number at the top of reduction meter indicates a long-term maximum reduction level. The value can be reset by left click.

Output Peak Meter shows current peak output level.