License Installation

Demo Mode Display


When plugin fails to find valid licenses, it shows “Demo Mode” dialog over plugin GUI. Under demo mode, plugins operate normally with one exception, it adds small periodical noise.

Install License

Proceeds to install license. License Installation dialog opens.

Get Evaluation License

Opens trial guide page on A.O.M. Website.

Buy License

Opens product page on A.O.M. Website.

Try Plugin

Close this dialog and continue trial.

In-plugin License Installation

As of version 1.9.2, A.O.M. plugins support in-plugin license installation.

Starting License Installation

../_images/open1.png ../_images/open2.png

License installation dialog can be opened by:

  • Choosing “Install License” menu in plugin menu, or

  • Clicking “Install License” button in demo mode dialog.

License Installation Dialog


There are two ways to install license.

  • Click “Browse File” button and select license file.

  • Drop license file into the gray background area.

Installation result


Plugin shows installation result.


Plugin does not support license uninstall. If you would like to check or manage installed licenses, use A.O.M. license manager.