Refresh display

  1. Press Refresh button on left toolbar.

  2. License Manger reload license information and update display.

Add license to computer

  1. Press Add License Button.

  2. File-choosing dialog opens.

  3. Select A.O.M. license file (*.aomlicese).

  4. The license file gets installed to computer.

Add license to computer (Drag and Drop)

  1. Drag and drop A.O.M. license file (*.aomlicese) to License Manager’s window.

  2. The license file gets installed to computer.

Remove license from computer

  1. Press red-background trash icon at the right-bottom of each license entry.

  2. After confirmation, the license gets removed from computer.

Obtain diagnostic log

  1. Press Diangostic Log button.

  2. The last several lines of diagnostic log is copied to clipboard.